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Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Home security is becoming smarter and smarter and night vision CCTV cameras are a prime example. These night-time surveillance cameras cleverly use infrared light rather than visible light, allowing them to film in complete darkness. Popular for both commercial and domestic use, night vision CCTV is the perfect way to keep an eye on your home or workplace while you sleep.

Night vision cameras can be used externally or internally. Use them internally to film areas of your home that may be susceptible to forced entry and where visibility is low. Night vision cameras are also popular for monitoring pets or babies without disturbing them during the night. Alternatively, they can be used for surveillance of your home's exterior or garage.

High Spec Surveillance

Night vision CCTV can often be linked up with your home devices and Wi-Fi to allow you to monitor footage quickly and easily. Look for a camera with a SmartLink or LAN Connection and you'll be able to eliminate the need for unsightly cables and wires. Simply place your camera anywhere within your Wi-Fi zone and it will be ready for action. Many allow you to stream real-time high definition (HD) video footage straight to your phone or laptop , so that you can have a constant view.

Picture quality is all-important in night-time CCTV so look out for cameras with powerful night vision, a wide dynamic range and a high pixel count. Some cameras will intuitively switch between day and night mode, filming in colour by day and black-and-white by night for a crisper picture quality.

Record Video Footage

If you want to be able to record footage, look for a model that can record using motion sensors. This saves on video storage, only recording footage in the event of its presence sensors being activated. Some cameras require hard drive space to store your video footage, while others have a designated cloud server to free up space on your home digital storage system.

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