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Remain Cosy and Comfortable with Women's Dressing Gowns

Dressing gowns are extremely versatile. They can be worn as a wrap on early mornings before you get dressed, can double up as a bathrobe before and/or after you have a shower, or they can be worn all day long on those winter days when you just want to laze around the house. Different styles and materials suit different occasions - from the cosy warmth of a fleece to a slinkier, satin kimono. A dressing gown also makes a great gift idea for a loved one. Whatever its purpose and whatever your budget, eBay has a wide range of women's dressing gowns for everyone.

How can you narrow down your choice of women's dressing gown?

Apart from your price range, you should consider factors like:

  • Manufacturer: You can find branded and non-branded gowns, both used and new.
  • Size: Dressing gowns might correspond to women's UK dress sizes or be given as bust measurements.
  • Length: Choose between mid-thigh, knee-, or floor-length gowns.
  • Colour: Robes can be found in all colours as well as patterns, like striped and floral.
  • Material: Depending on its purpose, select a natural fabric, like cotton or terry, or choose a synthetic material, such as polyester or rayon.
  • Fastener: Zip and/or buttons, or a tie-belt are all ways to secure your gown.
  • Extra features: Some models might have pockets, a hood, cuffs on the sleeves, and/or embossed designs.
  • Sets: Gowns might be sold with bed socks or with a matching negligee and/or underwear as a wedding/bridal set.
What does the GSM number mean for women's dressing gowns?

Also written as gm/2 (or grams per square metre), this number informs you of the weight of the fabric. The higher the number, the thicker the material. Fabrics with a higher GSM tend to be more expensive as more raw materials have been used in their weave. They are also better quality and last despite repeated washing. 120-150 GSM is suitable for summer wear while 300-400 GSM indicates clothing appropriate for colder winters.

What's the difference between the types of fleeced women's dressing gowns?

Both coral and polar fleece are polyester synthetic fabrics and are better insulators than materials like flannel, making them ideal for the winter. Coral fleece is much thicker than polar fleece and has a higher pile, which makes it feel furrier. However, its seams must be well-finished to prevent shedding and/or stretching. Microfleece is a lightweight and thin fleece, which has been designed to carry moisture away from the body.

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