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Nike Rift Trainers for Men

Running on Air with Mens Nike Air Rift

The mens Nike Air Rift collection offers a trainer-sandal hybrid with a split toe to keep your feet dry while maximising your flexibility. The shoe has a tough and bendable sole - a hallmark of the brand since the early nineties. This is intended to replicate the feeling of barefoot running. eBay keeps a Nike Rift adults range to suit a variety of preferences.

What Air Rift trainers are available?

The Nike Air Rift mens shoes have been released in several iterations, including Breathes stretchable mesh, the ranges sandal hybrids, and a few purely stylistic options.

  • Nike Rift mens sandals collection has a sparse upper that leaves the toes entirely uncovered. Their lack of strap keeps the feet unrestricted, and the split-toe sole provides extra flexibility.
  • The Hypebeast brings you cheap Nike Rifts in a tie-dye fabric in the Rift Wrap style.
  • The Free Rift Sandal has been updated to include a Phylon midsole and a fresh sole design to improve flexibility.
  • The retro Air Rift range comes in navy with a white sole that salutes the seventies and eighties.
  • A pink and turquoise tie-dye upper with burgundy straps joins the womens range.
  • Nike Air Rift Breathe mens collection is available in a bold red and navy monochrome with matching soles. Ivory and black versions have also been released in a slightly updated aesthetic.
  • The Mens Nike Air Rift QS is made from mesh, with two colourways and the traditional velcro strap.
What benefits can you expect from the Air Rift design?

Air Rifts were inspired by the barefoot runners in Kenyas Air Rift Valley. Their split toe is intended to keep your foot flexible and change the way they respond to the road and track. Their synthetic mesh stretches to fit, achieving the snugness Nike has been trying to perfect for years. Cheap Nike Rifts have an Air Unit in the sole to protect your joints and keep you comfortable. Many Air Rift designs are highly collectable because so few versions were made.

How should you care for your Air Rift shoes?

Your Nike trainers or sandals should be brushed dry to remove loose dirt after every run. An old toothbrush has the perfect consistency for this. Stubborn marks require a light detergent wash in warm water. Rift sandals dont have removable insoles, so use a soft brush to remove dirt, then wash and blot with a mild solution. Your shoes should be air dried in a dark place to avoid sun bleaching.

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