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Got one to sell?

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Nikon Digital Camera Parts

Although much of a modern Nikon digital camera is beyond the repair capabilities of the non professional, some parts can be replaced reasonably easily. By doing so it's possible to save money, as well as time, and gain the satisfaction of a job well done.

The majority of Nikon digital camera parts are easily replaceable should they fail, break or get lost.

For the keener camera repair amateur, as well as the professional, a good source of spare parts is cameras that have failed, worn out or been broken and are then marked as 'for parts'. Although the camera itself may be non-functioning, a great many of its parts will still be in good order and still useful.

Parts only

A second hand, 'for parts only' Nikon digital camera may also be the only source of parts still readily available. This could be the case for older camera models that are no longer produced by Nikon.

Parts that are often worn out, lost or broken include the rubber grips from Nikon DSLRs . Cameras that receive a lot of heavy use can see these rubber grips wear very thin or start to come away from the camera.

This isn't just cosmetically unsightly but also can increase the risk of the camera slipping from your hands. Buying one grip or a complete set of new rubber grips, as well as the appropriate glue, can return the camera to clean condition, invaluable should you consider selling the camera.

Plastic and rubber parts for Nikon

The hard plastic battery door on many Nikon cameras is susceptible to being broken off when left open. Fortunately, the doors can usually be replaced easily. The same applies to the doors that allow access to the memory cards, as these can easily be broken by a moment's inattention.

On the base of many Nikon DSLRs there are connections for extra battery packs. These connections are covered when not in use by rubber plugs. These plugs are not attached to the camera and so are easily lost or mislaid, leaving the vulnerable electronic connections open to dust, dirt and moisture.

The plastic screen protectors on most Nikon DSLRs can become hard to see through over time, or get lost. A replacement part is not expensive.

In fact, depending on the degree of skill of the owner, many parts can be replaced on a Nikon camera and so extend its working life for many years.

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