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Capture Great Shots with a Vintage Nikon FE camera

The award-winning Nikon FE film camera has been part of the arsenal of many hobbyist and professional photographers since it first appeared in 1978. In the ensuing years, it has achieved somewhat of a collectable item status. You can find a wide selection of used Nikon FE film cameras on eBay.

Is the Nikon FE easy to use?

Yes, the FE is quite easy to use. The camera features assistive devices like a built-in analogue needle that can be seen in the viewfinder and a dial which can be used to select aperture priority modes. The Nikon FE strikes a healthy balance between features and practicality which makes it easy to use.

Which film can be used with the Nikon FE?

The camera uses 35 mm film and can shoot up to 36 pictures per film cartridge. The camera also has a useful built-in exposure counter which tells you how many pictures you have left before your film cartridge is full. Replacing the film cartridge in the Nikon FE can be done by opening the back panel of the camera and using the manual film winder to roll the film up before exposing it to light.

Does the Nikon FE use batteries?

Yes. The camera needs them to power electronic features like the shutter and light meter. The camera uses two batteries which do not require frequent replacement since most of the camera is manually powered, so - on average - batteries can last more than a year. The Nikon FE has a built-in battery meter that gives ample warning when battery levels become low.

Is the Nikon FE suited to professional photography?

The FE is a semi-professional camera which is equally at home in the hands of novice and professional photographers. The camera has several advanced settings that can be used to fine-tune shutter and aperture speeds and an automatic mode that selects the best settings based on prevailing lighting conditions. External accessories like flash modules can be connected to the camera when needed via the built-in hot shoe and PC ports, making the camera suited to studio photography.

Does the camera have other notable features?

Yes. For durability and flexibility, the Nikon FE also features:

  • The ability to accept different lens types.
  • A stainless steel lens connector.
  • Aluminium body construction.
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