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Nikon Fisheye Camera Lens

Nikon are a manufacturer of both digital cameras and camera lenses. Fisheye lenses are a type of ultra wide angle lens that are 15mm in focal length or less. Owning a Nikon fisheye camera lens is a great way to experiment creatively with distorted images for some interesting results.

How a fisheye lens works

A fisheye lens distorts straight lines to make them curved so you can capture a spherical effect. The distortion will be most apparent at the edges of the photo. The term 'fisheye' was coined in 1906 to compare the image created by these types of lenses with what a fish might see from under the water. The first fisheye camera lenses were made for scientific reasons to look at the entire sky in one frame. Fisheye lenses capture an image of about 180 degrees so a Nikon fisheye lens will enable you to include a wide range of objects in the frame.

Types of fisheye lens

There are two main types of fisheye lens: circular and full frame. Circular lenses will cover 180 degrees in all directions to create an image that's circular with black edges. These lenses create a very abstract effect and so are best used for artistic purposes. Full frame fisheye lenses capture 180 degrees diagonally to create an elongated image. These lenses have more practical uses such as photographing landscapes and buildings.

Nikon lenses

Whether you have a Nikon digital camera or are just attracted to the brand, Nikon camera lenses have a professional build quality. With over seventy lenses in the collection, you are sure to find the right lens for the effects you are trying to achieve. Always check that the lens you're interested in will fit your camera. Some older Nikon cameras may not be compatible with newer types of lenses.

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