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Nikon Round Lens Hood

Protecting your expensive equipment from dust, scratches and bumps is a must for any keen photographer. Lens hoods also block the sun while you work. A Nikon round lens hood will help you do all that, and they're made especially for your Nikon lenses , so you can be sure it will fit perfectly.

Nikon has been making high quality camera and imaging equipment for over 100 years, and it's one of the world's most popular photography brands. Their round lens hoods come with a variety of fittings and can be bought new or used, including screw-in, snap-on and twist-on. Simply check out which is best for your camera before you buy.

Screw-in lens hoods

Screw-in round lens hoods include products like the Nikon HN-22 screw on hood for 60mm F2.8 Macro lenses. Typical features of items like this are a lightweight design. Like every lens hood from Nikon, it's easy to use, giving you protection in a couple of swift motions.

Other products for alternative lens sizes include the Nikon HN-1 round metal screw in lens hood 52mm, and the Nikon HN-26 screw-in lens hood for the 62mm screw in polarising filter.

Snap-on lens hoods

You can quickly attach a lens hood with bayonet snap-on varieties. Products in the range include the Nikon HB-23 lens hood for Af-S 17-35/18-35 which can be used on a number of Nikon lenses, and is made from hardwearing plastic.

Alternatives, depending on your lens size, range from the Nikon HS-2 lens hood Nikon 50mm f/2, and the Nikon HK-11 snap on lens hood for 35-105mm Ai-S lens.

Twist-on lens hoods

Twist-on lens hoods featured in the Nikon collection such as the Nikon HB-N103 lens hood and the Nikon HB-18 lens hood for 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5AF D IF are also available. As with all lens hoods, check the attachment on your equipment first to make sure this type of hood will securely fix to your camera.

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