What You Need to Know About Nintendo 3DS Games

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld video game device with stereoscopic 3D and a touch-sensitive screen. First released in early 2011, the 3DS is a successor to the Nintendo DS system. By purchasing affordable used 3DS games on eBay, you can access a vast library of more than a thousand affordable titles across many genres.

Reasons to buy 3DS games

When you're looking to purchase 3DS games for sale, there are a few reasons why these games can be appealing. First, the 3DS library contains some of the most-known franchises in gaming, including Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon. The 3DS focuses heavily on family-friendly titles that both kids and adults can enjoy. Second, many of the games are exclusive to the 3DS, so you cannot play them on any other platform or system. Third, the games are all available in a handheld format, which you can take almost anywhere you go whether you’re on a commute, in a waiting room, or standing in a line. Many games can be enjoyed in small bursts of action.

How does the 3DS hardware affect the gaming experience?

All low-priced 3DS games on eBay are compatible within any handheld device from the Nintendo 3DS family. There are six 3DS models in total, including the original Nintendo 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo 2DS, plus the larger XL variant of each one. Depending on which model you play, you will have a slightly different experience with the game. The original Nintendo 3DS comes with stereoscopic 3D standard, so the image appears to be popping out of the screen. But if you play the game on a Nintendo 2DS, then you will not have access to the stereoscopic 3D capabilities. If you play the game on a New Nintendo 3DS instead, then you will have access to improved stereoscopic 3D and more control options. All versions of the 3DS accept SD cards or microSD cards as a form of removable storage.

Things you need to know about region locking

Both the Nintendo 3DS and the 2DS have a region-locking system, which means the game and the system must originate from the same region. A game from Europe won’t necessarily work on a system from North America, at least without modifying the system. The same rules apply to Japanese games as well. So be careful about the provenance of the game you are buying, especially if you want to import your games from other regions. Importing is a common way to purchase games or limited-edition copies that are exclusive to a single region.