Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 17+ million UK buyers.

Nintendo 64

One of the most revered and remembered video games consoles of its time, the Nintendo 64 sold almost 33million units since its launch in 1996 and its demise in 2003. In fact, it sold 350,000 consoles in its first 3 days, prompting Time Magazine to name it the Machine of the Year.

Buying a Nintendo 64

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, or you're interested in retro gaming, you'll find a wide selection of Nintendo 64 games consoles, from the much loved and played with to the virtually new. Always check out the pictures carefully and read the description so that you know what you are getting, as these machines will be at least 14 years old and could be as much as 21 years old.

Nintendo 64 Games

One of the biggest drivers of the success of the Nintendo 64 was the classic games, which made the most of its advanced 64bit processors. Games such as Legend of Zelda and Goldeneye 007 are part of Nintendo history, with the iconic Super Mario 64 selling 11million copies, making it the best selling game of its generation.

Nintendo 64 Colours

One of the most striking things about Nintendo 64 consoles is the range of colours available. Instead of the usual dull grey or black of most consoles, Nintendo 64s come in bright shades such as grape purple, watermelon red and jungle green, adding an extra dimension to the fun.

Nintendo 64 Compatibility

There are two things you should always check when buying a Nintendo 64. Firstly, make sure that your console is a PAL version, as NTSC versions sold in the US and Asia will not play on British TVs. Secondly, when buying games, make sure that they are compatible with your console, as the manufacturers use a similar system to DVDs with limited geographical regions of use. This console connects to your TV through a stereo AV cable so be sure that your TV is compatible.

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