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Enjoy Classic Portable Gaming With Nintendo DS Consoles

With its dual-screen layout, touchscreen function, and wireless connectivity, the Nintendo DS was a groundbreaking portable game system. Whether you're a retro-game lover, want to replace an older console or just want to see what you missed the first time, you can find a wide range of different Nintendo DS consoles on eBay.

Nintendo DS features

When the original Nintendo DS consoles hit the market in 2003 and 2004, they revolutionised handheld gaming. The DS featured two screens in a flip-open clamshell configuration, with the lower screen being a touchscreen. Adding this feature to the traditional control system allowed game designers to create new control schemes and game features. Not only that, but gamers could connect wirelessly to other nearby DS consoles to play games or just chat, even without a local wi-fi network.

Which Nintendo DS is right for you?

Over its lifetime, the Nintendo DS has undergone a number of different changes. While there are a wide array of different colours and styles, the consoles themselves fall into four categories:

  • Original Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS original consoles have a thicker body than their successors.
  • Nintendo DS Lite: The early DS model was superseded in 2006 by the DS Lite, a version with a slimmer body and brighter screen. The DS Lite sold nearly 100 million units; this makes it relatively easy to find when looking for used Nintendo DS consoles for sale.
  • Nintendo DSi: Released in 2008, the DSi added digital cameras and included more storage and online features as well as a larger screen than the DS Lite. However, it sacrificed the ability to play Game Boy Advance cartridges.
  • Nintendo DSi XL: The final version of the DS was released in 2009 and 2010; it featured a larger screen.
Nintendo 3DS consoles

In 2011, Nintendo introduced a successor to the DS, the 3DS. These handheld consoles could display stereoscopic 3D images. Like the DS, the 3DS saw a number of variants released over the years, including the larger 3DS XL, the simpler and more affordable 2DS, and the redesigned New 3DS.

Nintendo DS accessories

Even if you're done shopping for cheap Nintendo DS consoles on eBay, there are still plenty of ways to improve your DS experience. Nintendo released a wide range of accessories for this popular console, including a Rumble Pak, a web browser, a headset, a wireless keyboard, and even a pedometer that will walk your Pokemon for you while you exercise.

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