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Got one to sell?

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Enjoy Hours of Fun with a Nintendo Game Boy

First released in 1989, Nintendo’s Game Boy was revolutionary in the field of portable gaming devices, being a big part of the childhood memories of millions of people. There were hundreds of classic titles created for the Gameboy, such as Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Space Invaders, many of which are still played on other consoles now. Although the Gameboy was discontinued in 2008, there are still many buying options on eBay for the keen collector.

How many different types of Game Boys are there?

There are seven generations of a Game Boy that are generally classified into three categories. These are the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Lite, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and the Game Boy Micro. Here are how they line up to each other:

  • Game Boy: Consisting of its classic edition, Pocket edition, and Lite version, these Game Boys are in monochrome and use AA or AAA batteries as a power source. Only the Game Boy Lite has a backlight that allows players to play under low light conditions.
  • Game Boy Colour: In a league of its own, the Game Boy Colour shows up to 56 simultaneous colours but has no backlight feature, making it difficult to see in low light environments.
  • Game Boy Advance: Notably more compact than their predecessors, the SP and Micro versions both have a backlight and feature 15,000 more pixels than other versions in the Game Boy family.
Are the games compatible between Nintendo Game Boy consoles?

Yes, but there are certain exceptions. Original Game Boy games will be compatible with all other consoles in the Game Boy family except the Game Boy Micro. All Game Boy Colour games will work with the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP. Game Boy Advance games will work with all consoles in the Advance category, as well as certain Nintendo DS consoles like the DS and DS Lite. Please check the game version’s compatibility when buying Game Boy games on eBay.

What is the battery life like on the Nintendo Game Boy?

Although battery life varies from console to console, the original Game Boy series will provide up to 25 hours of game time, while the Advance series can keep going for up to 18 hours. The Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy Micro use a rechargeable battery, while other versions of the game boy use replaceable AA or AAA batteries.

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