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Nissin Camera Flash

Nissin produce a large number of camera flashes to function with most digital cameras , from small compacts to full size professional cameras, ensuring most users will find a Nissin camera flash to meet their particular needs.

Even though many cameras, including high-end DSLRs , have a built in flash, an external flash allows photographers more options to be creative, as well as to produce better quality results. For example, because most built in flashes can face only face forward, the light they produce is unflattering to the subject because it's harsh and direct.

External camera flashes nearly always have a flash head that can be tilted, allowing the flash to be fired at a ceiling or wall to produce 'bounce flash' where the light falling on the subject is diffused and more flattering.

Flash can also be usefully employed in daylight to remove unwanted shadows. Also, external flashes can be mounted away from the camera to produce different angled light and also be used in groups.

External camera flashes can also employ filters, soft boxes and other extra equipment to control the light for the photographer.

The strength of a camera flash is usually indicated by a guide number, designed to make setting exposure easier for those who want to calculate exposure themselves

To make it simpler still, most different camera brands make their own branded camera flashes designed to work in tandem with their cameras on board electronics. This way the flash can automatically determine the exact strength and duration required to produce the best result.

Nissin make camera flashes to work in the same dedicated way with most of the major camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji and so can represent a saving in cost.

Some Nissin camera flashes such as the Nissin i40 can be set to emit a beam of continuous light. This dual function makes them useful for both photographers and videographers.

Other Nissin camera flashes, such as the NIssin i60, work as 'commander' flashes. This means that the main flash mounted on the camera can wirelessly command a number of other Nissin camera flash groups to fire along with it. This is can be useful where the photographer needs freedom to move lots of camera flashes around with no trailing wires.

Nissin Camera Flash Di700 has an adjustable flash head to allow it to work with a variety of lenses, from wide angle to telephoto, to ensure the flash produced covers the correct area.

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