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Noise Cancellation Headphones

Privacy should be a right, not a privilege. Noise cancelling technology now makes it even easier to enter your own private world and focus purely on who or what you're talking or listening to. Noise cancellation headphones are available in a variety of styles and designs, including various earbuds that fit in, on or over your ears.

The science behind noise cancellation technology is brilliantly simple. Headphones fitted with this capability reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. They are typically fitted with a microphone that measures that ambient sound, create a waveform that matches the exact negative of the ambient sound and then mix it with whatever the user is listening too. This technology makes it possible to cancel out any wanted disruptions and continue listening to music without raising the volume excessively. Some noise cancelling headphones also feature soundproofing technology.

Noise Cancelling On- Ear Headphones

Major brands such as Panasonic have developed noise cancellation on-ear headphones that optimise user comfort, high resolution audio output and everyday practicality. Leather earpads cover your ears as you listen and provide a soft and secure fit. Controls on the external casing of the left earpad puts the control of your audio entertainment at your fingertips. You can pause, play and adjust the volume with ease.

A foldable design and adjustable headband makes it easy to find the perfect fit, store your headphones and transport them quickly and safely. A battery life of 40 hours between charges means you'll spend less time plugged in and more time listening to what you want.

Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

In ear headphones with noise cancellation technology fit directly inside your ear and seal the ear canal tightly, reducing ambient noise. Multiple replacement earbuds are provided in different sizes to ensure you can strike the right balance between the correct fit and an appropriate reduction in unwanted noise. Leading brands like Sennheiser prioritise exceptional audio clarity and performance across their product range, having developed a high quality dynamic speaker system for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound.

Despite heavy focus on noise cancellation technology and the quality of the audio itself, the aesthetics of your headphones remain important. Whether you opt for headphones that fit in, on or over your ears, you will find a range of colours and styles to choose from. You can prioritise comfort over performance, wired over wireless or simply decide based on the way they look when you wear them. No matter what you want or how much you have to spend, you will find noise cancellation headphones to suit your needs.

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