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Nokia E72 Smartphones

Nokia has been in operation since 1865. The company is widely known for its work in the telecommunications industry. In particular, they are recognised for Nokia mobile and smartphones . Nokia E72 smartphones were first available in 2009 and have all the features of a smartphone that you would expect, such as email and instant messaging capability.

Features and benefits

The Nokia E72 smartphone has 250 MB storage space and 128 MB RAM. The phone also has a MicroSD card slot. By adding an external MicroSD memory card you can increase the phone's memory up to 16GB. The E72 smartphone has a 5-megapixel camera, so if you like to take a lot of pictures then the extra memory would come in handy.

In terms of navigating around the phone menu and apps there is an optical d-pad. This makes it easier and more fluid to get around the phone quickly rather than clicking. If you are not a fan of the rollover motion then you can turn this function off.

Size and weight

The Nokia E72 smartphone weighs in at 128g. To give you an idea of comparison against a more recently produced phone, the iPhone 5s weighs 112g. The E72 is relatively light and won't weigh your pockets or your handbag down too much.

In terms of dimensions the Nokia E72 is 114mm tall, 58mm wide, and 10mm deep. This means that the phone is not too cumbersome and can easily slip into a pocket or even a small zip compartment inside a bag with ease.

Perhaps the best feature of the Nokia E72 smartphone is its battery life. From one charge this Nokia mobile phone battery provides up to 12 hours of talk time and lasts up to 480 hours on standby. This is an advantage if you don't want to constantly charge your phone or if you know that you will not be near an accessible electricity outlet for a while, for example when travelling.

What else?

There are unlocked E72 smartphones available which are a good option if you have your own mobile phone SIM card that you want to use. This allows you to put in a SIM card from any network rather than having to use the phone on the network it was originally intended for.

The Nokia E72 comes in very neutral and attractive colours such as metal grey and black. This toned-down look makes the Nokia E72 smartphone ideal for business use.

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