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Nokia Mobile Phone Flex Cable

The Nokia mobile phone flex cable is a replacement part for your Nokia mobile phone's internal touch points. If the touch sensitivity or camera is not functioning as it should be it may require a flex cable replacement.

There are several kinds of flex cable. These cables enable different parts of your phone to function, operating a wide range of your phone's internal components needed for everyday usage. These cables allow your phone's parts to communicate with the internal systems.

It is generally recommended that you contact an expert to replace a flex cable as it requires opening the phone and working with the phone's internal components. This is particularly important if your phone is still within its warranty.

Types of Nokia Phone flex cables

Some Nokia mobile and smartphones have a physical external home button, as opposed to a 'soft' home button which is an on screen digital version of the home button. If this is the case then you should look for a dedicated external home button flex cable to replace this particular component. You may need to replace this particular cable if you find that your external home button has become unresponsive, you have to press harder than usual or it simply does not work when pressed.

Additionally some Nokia mobile phones also include a fingerprint sensor built into the home button. If this is the case and the home button is no longer working, you can also find replacement flex cables designed for home buttons with fingerprint sensors.

Other available flex cables include the cables that operate your phone's power button and the volume button or volume rocker (if your Nokia phone utilises a single volume button rather than separate Nokia mobile phone buttons to increase and decrease volume). There are also flex cables available for your phone's camera as well as on screen keyboard.

You can also find mobile phone flex cables for your Nokia micro USB charging port. If your old power cable becomes unresponsive you may need to replace the power flex cable.

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