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Nokia Mobile Phone Screen Digitiser

Screen digitisers convert analog signals into digital signals. It converts your everyday actions and touches into a digital signal that your phone is able to understand so that it can process your commands. You can find a Nokia mobile phone screen digitiser for a range of Nokia mobile and smartphones , including the flagship devices of the Nokia 950 and 900, as well as other devices in the range such as the 550 and the 735.

Screen digitiser replacement kits can be found which come complete with all the exact tools you will need, including screwdrivers and suction cups to successfully replace your Nokia screen digitiser . In addition these kits come with full step by step instructions to carry out your screen digitiser replacement.

When should you replace your Nokia screen digitiser?

If your screen has sustained any damage, which can range from cracking the glass screen or just having too many scratches, you should still be able to safely and successfully replace your broken screen digitiser as long as the image still shows through.

If the image is not appearing beneath the digitiser then this means that the LCD screen which sits underneath has been damaged and therefore you will need to get the screen replaced first. It is recommended that you get a professional to replace your cracked screen digitiser.

Other types of replacement parts for Nokia phones

LCD screen replacement parts may be required if your screen has become damaged. It is not unusual for both the screen digitiser and the LCD screen to become damaged as a result of impact to the screen itself. Therefore replacing the LCD screen may also be necessary.

As well as screen digitisers, there are replacement parts for other Nokia components which may need replacing. For example if you your Nokia phone includes a 'hard' home button (as opposed to a 'soft' digital button) that you notice is becoming less responsive and therefore requires you to press it hard, you may need to replace your Nokia mobile phone button with a dedicated Nokia home button with flex cable.

There are also some Nokia phone models that utilises a fingerprint sensor. Where you begin to find this sensor becoming less sensitive for your phone, you may need to replace it with a new fingerprint sensor with a flex cable.

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