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Nokia Tri-Band Mobile Phones and Smartphones

Whether you're looking for a basic day to day mobile phone for holidays or business or a touch screen smartphone with all the latest features, find the perfect handset for you with a Nokia tri-band mobile phone or smartphone.

Great for travelling

Tri-band mobile phones are designed to support a specific technology in three different radio frequency bands, meaning they can be used in different countries without any difficulty. This makes them ideal if you travel frequently for business or need a reliable holiday phone.

Different models

The models of these phones vary widely and include both keypad only and touch screen designs. Keypad-only phones vary in functionality. Typically the newer versions have 3G connectivity, an in built camera and an LCD screen. Whilst the older phones have less features, they are do provide an extended battery life and are ideal if you're looking for a reliable phone for daily use.

Touch screen tri-band Nokia mobile phones boast a variety of features including WiFi and 4G connectivity, a range of apps, inbuilt camera, internal memory, microSD card slot, a Windows operating system and much more. These phones are perfect for checking your emails and keeping in touch with your friends on the go.

Nokia tri-band mobile phones are available SIM free and unlocked, connecting you to whichever network you prefer. This also makes it easy to change your SIM card when you're heading off on holiday or travelling abroad and looking to connect to the local network.


Founded in 1865, Finnish company Nokia is a giant in the phone world. They have been producing telecommunications equipment since the 1880s, almost since telephony itself began. Their long history and varied experience has made them one of the most well known companies on the globe and a loyal fanbase to boot.

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