Northwave Cycling Gloves and Mitts

Northwave is a company that provides cycling accessories to its customers around the world including helmets, clothing and shoes .

Northwave have a number of cycling gloves and mitts that are available for you to choose from. Cycling gloves are important for all serious cyclists to use so that they can protect their hands in all different conditions. Northwave cycling gloves have a variety of features, which make these gloves so popular.

Wind and water resistance

These gloves offer great resistance against all weather conditions including wind, water and cold weather. The gloves have resistant membranes on the backs of the gloves, which help with wind and water resistance. There are also finger slits made through napped fabric, which provide regulation of temperature meaning that your fingers are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer months when cycling. If you're riding in summer and it gets very hot and sweaty, these gloves give good breathability and provide a microfiber sweat wipe on the thumb. Pair these gloves with a Northwave cycling jacket for maximum protection.

Glove grips

When cycling, grip is very important so your hands are always in full control of the handlebars. This is difficult with bad weather conditions such as rain or the heat when your hands begin to sweat. The gloves are made with a synthetic leather palm with silicone prints placed in certain places to provide an excellent and enhanced grip. The fingertips of the gloves are made from silicone, which helps to improve your grip of the handlebars. The gloves also have an extra cushioning gel pad feature which helps protect your hands if you suffer a hard fall.

From the Northwave cycling gloves and mitts that are on offer, the gloves vary in the design, size and colour. There are both gloves and mitts; gloves are more popular in colder conditions, often worn with a Northwave base layer to keep warm, whereas mitts are better to help cool your fingers in summer. All the gloves and mitts offer the features you need to have a better and safer cycle.