Personalise Your Peripherals With a Novelty Memory Stick

From school children to professionals, and anyone just looking to keep their data portable when offline, a memory stick is your go-to piece of equipment. Whether you want to add a bit of personality to your tech or are looking for a novelty gift for someone else, check eBay for great novelty flash drives. From cute USB sticks that a kid or even your inner child might adore to a novelty memory stick with attitude, eBay has it all.

What's the difference between a USB stick, flash drive, and thumb drive?

There is absolutely no difference in the final product. For such a common piece of tech, it's strange to think that there is no single name for this item. Nevertheless, all items in this category will do the same job: plug it in and copy data on and off the device.

Why choose a themed USB stick?

USB sticks can be easily picked up in error, especially if everyone has essentially identical-looking equipment. A novelty memory stick allows the owner to have something that stands out as theirs, as well as expressing a little about who they are. Have a favourite animal or food? Then you'll find everything from unicorns and pandas, to ice cream and fast food-looking items. You name it, someone has made a USB stick version of it.

What is USB 3.0?

USB 1.x refers to very old technology, USB 2.0 is the most common, and USB 3.0 represents the most up-to-date technology. In functional terms, the higher the number, the faster the transfer speed. If you are using it for document transfers for school or the workplace, USB 2.0 is fine. If you are looking to transfer large files such as films, or run programmes straight from the drive, you'll want USB 3.0.

What size memory stick do you need?

This depends on its use. If you are using it for standard documents, then there is no need to get a very large storage capacity. If you might be handling very large files such as video, however, then larger is a better option. The various storage capacity options are:

  • 128MB: Generally the smallest and cheapest. While it will easily handle hundreds of documents, it can only take a few dozen large photos and only minutes of video.
  • 1GB: This will hold hundreds of photos and some shorter videos.
  • 4GB: This will hold one full length movie in HD quality.
  • 32GB: These are rarer and at the more expensive end, but can hold a few full length movies at the very highest quality, and thousands of photos.