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Novoflex Lens Adapter

Novoflex lens adapters are a great way to customise the configuration of your lens setup, enabling unique and custom shots. Lens adapters give you the platform to mix and match a variety of lenses, thereby allowing you to get the perfect variation. When using a lens adapter you will be able to use classic and retro lenses without a detrimental effect on the quality of your image.


Novoflex are a German manufacturer of camera accessories. Novoflex products combine highly precise German engineering with innovative camera technology. Novoflex camera accessories are compatible with a variety of camera brands and you are advised to check compatibility with the vendor. Very generally speaking Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Sony, Pentax and Fujifilm lenses are compatible with Novoflex adapters. If you have a Nikon camera you may encounter difficulties are their models are generally the least adaptive.

What is a Lens Adapter?

Lens adapters are a piece of equipment that are recommended for professionals or serious photography enthusiasts. A lens adapter is a machined ring that you position between the lens and the camera body. Adapters are most commonly used so that classic or retro lenses can be used with a modern camera. When using a lens adapter you will lose many of the modern automated features such as automatic focus and stability control, however the lens adapter will enable you capture some fantastic and unique light.

When using a lens adapter you will enjoy hundreds of experimental options, the ability to preserve lens configurations that are no longer in production, and the adapter may bridge the gap in the focal line up of your lens. Old lenses are generally cheaper than modern lenses, so if you are looking for a specific variation in lens you may also be able to purchase an unbranded option at a significantly lower overall cost.

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