Nursery Blankets & Throws Make Wonderful Gifts

Looking for a great way to help someone in your life celebrate new parenthood? What about a personalised nursery blanket or throw? Not only do new personalised baby gifts blankets from eBay make practical gifts, but they also become cherished treasures as the years pass and the little one grows into a child and then into an adult.

What kinds of baby blankets are there?

Baby blankets come in a variety of different styles. Common styles include receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, and crib blankets.

  • Receiving blankets - At one square yard, receiving blankets are larger than the other types of baby blankets. They’re great when you want to put a baby down on a surface like a floor. They can also be used for cleaning up spit-up or drool.
  • Swaddling blankets - These are the blankets parents wrap tight around their babies to help the little ones feel snug and secure.
  • Crib blankets are primarily decorative and go with the decor of the baby’s room.

What materials are used in personalised baby age blankets?

Nursery blankets and throws need to feel soft against an infant’s skin. Fleece is a super-soft fabric that really feels warm and cuddly. Most fleeces are made from polyester, but you can also find fleeces made from organic materials like cotton and hemp. Wool is another fabric that works well in baby blankets. It’s a particularly good choice for babies who have extremely sensitive skin since it contains no synthetic materials whatsoever. If you want to give a truly luxurious gift, think about new personalised knitted baby blankets or throws that are made from cashmere.

What are some ways to personalise a baby blanket?

Baby blankets and throws can be customised in a number of different ways. Many people opt to have the baby’s name embroidered on the blanket along with his or her birth date. Some people will also add the baby’s birthplace. Since the blanket will be used to help put the baby to sleep, you might also want to embroider a message like Sweet Dreams.

People also personalise their baby blanket gifts by colour. Traditionally, blue baby items were used for boys and pink for girls, but these days, many parents are breaking away from gender-specific colours. Try to find out the colour palette the new parents have used in the baby’s room, and then match the colour of your baby blanket gift to that.