Complete Your Model Railway Layout With OO Gauge Model Railway Accessories

A model railway layout is more than just tracks, cars, and an engine. To really shine, it needs a colourful, realistic setting to bring it to life. Whether you're looking for detailed buildings and scenery or the tools to make your own, you can find everything you need to give your layout its finishing touches on eBay.

Getting the scale right

The most popular scale for British model railways is OO gauge, in which buildings, figures, and accessories are 1/76 scale, but trains run on a slightly smaller 1/87 scale track. In HO scale, the 1/87 scale applies to trains and scenery as well as track, while N gauge is even smaller at 1/148 and O gauge is much larger at 1/43. Look out for the scale when buying model railway parts; OO gauge accessories can sometimes blend in with HO layouts, but other combinations won't work. Check the manufacturer's site for exact details.

Which accessories does your layout need?

The level of detail you can add to your model railway layout is limited only by your imagination and the amount of time you have to spend on it. If you want to create a completely detailed station, you can add the finishing touches with model railway furniture, such as benches and ticket desks. For rural schenes, you can create simple fields using grass mat, or give them varied colour and texture using adhesive static grass tufts.

Scenery supply kit

In addition to the tools you need to build your track, you'll need various model railway supplies to create a scenic layout. The exact contents of your collection will vary depending on what you want to feature in your layout, but could include supplies such as:

  • Cork tile: Strong but lightweight, cork is useful for building natural features such as hills and cliffs.
  • Plaster: Casting plaster creates excellent rock formations and stone walls.
  • Resin: Model builders use clear resin to create realistic water effects.
  • Static grass applicator: This simple tool helps you scatter static grass evenly and realistically on your layout.
Ambitious railway modelling

If you've already mastered other areas of railway modelling, why not try more advanced challenges like adding your own lighting? You can buy buildings, streetlights, signals and other accessories already wired for light or add your own lighting using miniature bulbs and cables. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, adding lighting to your model railway layout is a great way to enhance its realism and visual appeal.