OO Gauge Model Railway Starter Sets & Packs

OO Gauge model railway starter sets and packs for any collection

If your little one is interested in model railways and trains, or youre thinking of starting a collection yourself, an OO gauge model railway starter set or pack would be a great place to begin. From train sets specially designed for children to model replicas of real famous trains, youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for in this great range. 

Childrens OO Gauge model railway starter sets

For your little stationmaster or mistress, pick up a childrens OO gauge model railway starter pack to kickstart their collection. Look out for Thomas the Tank Engine sets containing a model Thomas or one of his friends, as well as pieces of track and other OO Gauge accessories, and really get them excited to start building their railway. 

You could also pick out an OO Gauge train set for your aspiring witch or wizard with a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train starter pack thats sure to impress, consisting of the train itself as well as station accessories and track pieces. 

There are also some more realistic childrens train sets available, such as the Hornby Junior R1215 Express Train Starter Set, featuring a modern train that they can speed around their track. 

Adult OO Gauge model railway starter packs

If youre looking for a starter pack for yourself, whether you want to try out a new hobby or get back into something you once loved, youll find plenty of great options here. With vintage Hornby sets such as the Tri ang Hornby RS.51 Freightmaster or the Hornby R674 Midnight Freight to choose from, you could easily find something nostalgic to add to your collection. 

There are also plenty of famous trains available, such as the Flying Scotsman, the Tornado Pullman, the Pennine Express or even the Eurostar, that would be fantastic additions to your OO Gauge model railway. You might even come across as special Christmas themed Santas Express train set, perfect for getting into the festive spirit. 

Top Products in OO Gauge Model Railway Starter Sets & Packs

  • Hornby Digital Train Set Hl7 Layout Medium Double Oval With 2 Trains & Turntable
  • Hornby Digital Train Set Hl3 Large Layout With Suspension Bridge 2018
  • Hornby R1207 Intercity Express 00 Gauge Electric Railway Set
  • Hornby R9284 Percy and The Mail Train Set Green
  • Hornby R9283 Thomas The Tank Engine Train Set
  • Hornby R1157 West Coast Highlander Train Set