Why an Oppo Phone should be Your Next Big Buy

Initially, Oppo was famous for producing media players in the Chinese market before it ventured into mobile phone production. The company also tried its hand at an e-reader before introducing its first mobile phone in 2012. Oppo mobile phones have since grown in popularity given the impressive specifications that come with each release, and their affordable prices compared to other brands. eBay boasts a vast catalogue of Oppo smartphones. 

Which software features of the Oppo F7 make it stand out? 

Oppo F7 stands out in many ways. It not only features the 25-megapixel selfie shooter, but also a futuristic design demonstrated by its 19:9 tall display. The company has also integrated great features in its Android Oreo-based version 5:  

  • A smart assistant feature that keeps all your information at one place.
  • A smart camera enhanced with artificial intelligence.
  • Face unlock.
  • Ability to perform tasks using simple gestures.

How does Oppo leverage on the artificial intelligence technology? 

The feature creates personalised beautification effects without making an additional effort as in the regular Beauty mode. An AI algorithm is integrated to scan more than 200 facial spots that identify the skin tone, age, skin type, and gender for an enhanced selfie shot. Additionally, the smartphone stores the editing preferences and suggests them when taking selfies in the future. Oppo A83 also features advanced features like a full-screen display and HD. 

How does the VOOC improve charging times for Oppo phones? 

VOOC is a proprietary fast-charging technology developed by Oppo to increase the charging speed x4 in comparison to conventional chargers. The company used MCU instead of the regular voltage reducing circuit to avoid overheating. Oppo Find 7 was the first phone to come with this charger. This fast-charging feature uses 5V because the lower voltage produces minimal temperature and makes your phone safe to use when charging. 

Can you charge faster than VOOC? 

Super VOOC was developed to charge Oppo batteries even quicker by altering the fast-charge itself. Instead of using the initial 5V to charge the smartphone, it uses 10V. This means that users don’t have to plug in their devices for extended periods as Super VOOC offers a full charge in 35 minutes. 

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