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OZ Racing Rims Enhance Your Vehicle

To drive safely at speeds that allow you to explore the potential of your vehicle, choose OZ wheels. Your driving style will be complemented by options from eBay, which are available in several colours to match any look that you desire.

Does the Zeus model have a monoblock design?

Yes. Zeus wheels from OZ have a monoblock design, which provides drivers with a forged aluminium makeup and one-piece design. This results in a wheel with a decreased load in the middle. You can accelerate more quickly with the Zeus and other OZ rims than with those made in three sections, and experience better speed on the road or the racetrack. These rims are custom-forged and are among the lightest on the market.

What type of lateral grip is provided by OZ wheels?

Drivers enjoy a lateral grip that is better than wheels that don’t have a one-piece design. This allows you to turn corners more safely and steer with greater control than with other types of wheels, even at high speeds. The design of OZ rims from eBay keeps your car on the road, securely making contact with the surface, and they help to provide a buffer of reserve grip in case of emergencies.

Brake more quickly

OZ wheels from eBay improve the ability of your car to respond when you brake, by providing the grip that keeps you on the track. Applied brake pressures are greater because more of the tyre’s surface is in contact with the road. Tyre grip is always the key limiting element in any type of performance driving, so wheels like those form OZ which enhance this factor improve your overall control of the vehicle. You can brake safely through turns, especially when tyre pressure is at ideal levels.

Enjoy fuel efficiency

The multispoke design of OZ wheels allows you to use fuel more efficiently while you race and during trips to new destinations. These forged wheels are made of a single piece of aluminium, which provides greater strength while allowing OZ designers to use less metal than would be required with other manufacturing techniques. That helps to make them lighter and decrease the overall weight of your vehicle while racing. These features of OZ racing wheels from eBay provide benefits in terms of style, and performance, with many wheels being made of aerospace-grade aluminium. You also experience the following benefits:

  • You can select from colours, such as ceramic polished, hand brushed, and acid green.
  • Available profiles include flat and concave.
  • Popular diameters, such as 20 inches are readily available on eBay.
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