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Oase Aquamax Ponds & Water Features

Providing a wide variety of outdoor pond and water feature products, Oase are one of the leading pioneers in water engineering. 

If you have a pond in your garden for housing fish or simply to improve the outdoor aesthetics of your property, it is essential that you keep it well maintained. 

Certain accessories and essentials you’re likely to need to maintain your pond include:

  • Pond and fountain pumps - used in ponds to keep water moving, bringing oxygen into the environment and stopping the water from going stagnant.
  • Pond filtration equipment - ensures the water stays clean and filters out any debris or dirt that may make the water cloudy. Filters vary according to the model of pond or water feature they are designed to fit 
  • Pond filter accessories - to ensure the filter works efficiently you will need to keep your pump clean. Use filter foam, quartz sleeves, motors and impellers to do so 

The Benefits of Oase Aquamax Ponds & Water Features

A pond or water feature in your garden can bring many benefits to both the owner and any inhabitants of the pond:

  • A well maintained pond can stand out in your garden and become a focal point of your outdoor space.
  • When fitted with the right water and filters, you are able to not only grow plants such as water lilies but also house any fish or other wildlife
  • Water features are fantastic for relaxing in your garden with the sound of the water splashing or falling

How to clean your pond

  • Ensure you remove all fish to prevent any debris getting into their gills
  • Try to remove plants before you take out the water
  • Make sure you use an electric pump to drain all the water from the pond
  • Scrape the base of all the silt and ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly
  • Before putting the water, wildlife and fish back into the pond, ensure you leave the structure to dry
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