Office cubicles & partitions

For offices that like an open-plan atmosphere but require some element of privacy, office cubicles and partitions are an ideal choice. They offer a non-permanent solution to segmenting a working space and make an area look professional and tidy with colours to suit the space. If you're looking to create individual sections in an office or school environment, there is a wide selection of cubicles and partitions in new and used condition at affordable prices. 

Styles to suit your office space

Most offices have an open-plan feel, but there will be times that a little more privacy is required or separate areas designated for meetings or social spaces. Using partitions or office dividers can provide a temporary way to segment an area, and there is a host of heights and sizes to choose from including free-standing office screens and foldable options. There is also the choice of traditional colours such as blue, black and grey which fits with most office interior themes. 

Improving productivity

Cubicles and partitions can help to make people more productive as they enjoy the benefits of working in a quiet space but can also take advantage of an open plan environment, as these barriers are generally more relaxed and don't obstruct team productivity. Creating sections with office cubicles & partitions also allows you to change the layout easily to suit different teams and projects, and move them as and when needed. 

Partition for privacy

Privacy is important in an office environment, and if you don't have ample space for separate offices, partitions is a great way to offer an area for meetings and staff briefings. Cubicles and partitions are ideal for blocking out sound and background noise which reduces distraction. There is also the option of toughened glass partitions which gives every office an integrated feel but allows space for privacy.