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Olympus Camera Lenses

Available in a variety of types commonly ranging from 12mm - 70mm in focal length, Olympus camera lenses can be found for particular uses such as wide angle lenses, macro or close up lenses, standard and high quality lenses for example.

Wide angle lenses

A wide angle lens is one with a short focal length, which means that it is at the lower end of the 'mm' spectrum. Shorter lengths make the field of view wider so that you can capture more in each photograph.

Wide angle cameras lenses are ideal for landscapes, but they can be used to great effect for large interiors such as cathedrals or great halls.

Macro or close up lenses

Macro photography is a favourite of many advanced photographers and is used to capture images with a great amount of detail. It is essentially taking photos very close up to an object, however, where it would normally blur some of the details, macro lenses allow you to capture every last intricate feature.

Olympus macro camera lenses screw into the front of a lens and functions as a supplementary accessory. They are a must have for any photographer's kit, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

High quality lenses

High quality camera lenses offer the best quality shots, but are far more expensive than all other types. They are typically for the professional or the very serious amateur and are responsible for the best results. Though they are no replacement for skill, high quality lenses allow skilled and experienced users to operate at their maximum potential to achieve that perfect shot.

Standard lenses

Run of the mill lenses, standard lenses are used by most photographers. They have a wide variety of focal length measured in millimetres, which is the distance between the focus and the sensor. The higher the measurement, the higher the magnification.

Standard lenses vary widely in quality and cost, so researching a particular lens closely is always recommended.

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