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Olympus Film Cameras

Founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus are a trusted and reputable manufacturing company of optical and digital equipment for both healthcare and consumer electrical sectors.

If you are into film cameras, you'll be excited to hear Olympus offer a great range of cameras and lenses that vary in type, shape, design and features. The three main types of Olympus film cameras to note as the SLR, compact digital camera and the rangefinder.

SLR cameras

The Olympus SLR cameras offer users a high quality camera that has advanced features and lots of adaptability. Olympus provides their customers with SLR cameras under the OM range that are compatible with the OM lenses.

Olympus SLR cameras have manual feature control allowing you to adapt the setting to your photography style. There is also an auto mode which helps beginners get used to the features available, on this mode the camera shoots with a smooth focus and adapts to different light conditions. An SLR camera is ideal for someone who wants to get into photography and is looking to produce high quality, clear and sharp pictures on film.

Compact cameras

From the cameras available there are a number of compact Olympus film cameras that offer great point and shoot footage with good aperture, shutter speed and focus. Olympus offers a number of models in the compact camera range that include Olympus vintage cameras like the trip 35mm compact film camera and the Olympus mju zoom 80 35mm camera.

A compact camera is a simple to use camera that has built-in automatic settings such as flash, focus and exposure and great for a large range of people from beginners to professionals.

Rangefinder cameras

The rangefinder camera manufactured by Olympus gives users a chance to take amazing photos through this vintage designed camera. These cameras from Olympus allow you to set the ISO of the film, turn the lever and focus before shooting. It is an ideal camera for someone who wants to try using vintage films and experiment with their photography.

If film photography is for you then you can be sure there is the right one for your needs and photography style in the Olympus film camera range. For more advanced photographers, you may consider adding an Olympus film camera lens in order to add more sophistication to your photography. The broad range of lenses ensures that whether you prefer a close up, landscape or portrait image, you can find the right lens to meet your need, whether macro, standard, telephoto or wide angled lens for example.

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