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Manual Olympus SLR Camera Lenses

Take professional standard photographs using personalised manual focus options with manual Olympus SLR camera lenses. A manual focus lens is a lens that requires you to focus by hand, rather than using modern autofocus technology. Prior to autofocus all lenses were manual, so the term will include all retro and classic Olympus lenses.

Why shoot with a manual focus lens?

Although autofocus lens photography is immensely convenient is does have its downsides. From a purist's point of view the ease of an autofocus system means that a photographer will never truly grasp the significance of aperture and iris control. This means that you may not fully appreciate the depth of the field you are looking at and as a result your images will fall short of perfection.

Although a manual lens setting will take time to master, the end result with significantly increase your perspective and quality as a photographer. If it doesn't work out most modern lenses allow your switch between manual and autofocus.

Types of Olympus camera lenses

Olympus standard lenses are designed for recreational photographers looking to achieve professional standard results. The standard range lenses come in a great variety of manual lens designs. The Olympus pancake is a compact and portable lens designed for both recreational and professional photographer aiming to economise on space, whilst the zoom and telezoom variants enable great distance and vista shots.

Olympus Pro standard lenses are high quality lenses designed for serious photographers. Lenses allow for the use of bright apertures at multiple focal lengths, and can be configured to enable fantastic images no matter the lighting or the distance. The lens can typically be switched between manual and autofocus via a clutch button for an added diversity of photo options.

Olympus Top Pro lenses are the finest photographic equipment produced by Olympus. The lenses combine the most cutting edge photographic technology with high durability including cold, dust and water resistance. Top Pro lenses are recommended for photographers of a professional or high recreational standard.

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