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Got one to sell?

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Olympus Vintage Cameras

Olympus is a Japanese camera make that's been around since 1919. Olympus cameras have always been stylish and well regarded in the camera world for being highly functional and innovative. Olympus vintage cameras are well sought after by collectors and people looking to use a vintage camera for day to day shooting.

Olympus Pen cameras

The Pen system has been around since 1959 and is a 35mm SLR camera that was designed to compete with Nikon and Canon. Pen cameras are compact with interchangeable camera lenses being smaller than usual too. Characterised by a stark contrast between stainless steel metal and leather, Pen cameras have always been very stylish. To this day they are manufactured for looks and performance in equal measure.

Olympus Trip

This camera was in action between 1969 and 1988. It is an automatic exposure camera with cult status as one of the first Olympus point and shoot cameras. Some models have a solar powered exposure system, which is handy when travelling. The lens is a very simple 40mm lens, but it is high powered and capable of taking very professional pictures, which is why this camera was very popular at the time.

Olympus AF-1 cameras

The AF-1 is another Olympus point and shoot camera. Bursting with features, don't be surprised if you film one that's waterproof with a super sharp lens. These cameras are compact and decidedly retro, but even to this day they generate very interesting results.

Buying advice

When buying a vintage Olympus film camera , check that the body and any leather are in good condition. Look for corrosion and any scuffs and make sure to check that the shutter is firing at all speeds. If it comes with a lens, check the optics are clear and that the aperture opens and closes effectively. Olympus cameras are getting older now, but if there are some minor issues, they can often be restored to full working order.

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