A Nostalgic Look at the Olympus XA Film Camera

A film camera launched in 1979, the Olympus XA was a popular camera in its day, and even now, it still commands a lot of respect and affection from film and vintage camera enthusiasts. See a range of XA cameras on eBay, many of which are in excellent condition having been owned by people who know how to look after a collectors' item.

Are XA cameras still usable?

Yes, Olympus XA cameras are standard 35 mm film format cameras. Simply load up with 35 mm film and enjoy the romance of film photography with the Olympus XA.

Is the XA camera part of a series?

The Olympus XA was launched as a single-model camera, but it was followed by other Olympus cameras bearing the XA label. These differed from the original in several ways, and you can find the whole range well represented on eBay comprising the following Olympus XA models:

  • Olympus XA: The original Olympus XA is a 35 mm rangefinder camera.
  • Olympus XA1: The XA1 is similar to the XA, but features a selenium meter and fixed-focus lens.
  • Olympus XA2: The XA2 is a scale-focus camera with a f/3.5 lens.
  • Olympus XA3: The XA3 adds DX film speed recognition to the XA2.
  • Olympus XA4: Incorporating a 28 mm wide angle lens, the XA4 is a distance focus camera.
How fast is the XA's shutter speed?

The Olympus XA uses a leaf shutter with a speed range of 10 seconds to 1/500 seconds. Leaf shutters also have an advantage over later focal plane shutters as they are able to synchronise with connected flash units at the maximum shutter speed.

What features does the Olympus XA camera lens have?

The XA camera lens is a 6-element, 5-group, 'F-Zuiko' lens with a minimum focusing distance of 0.9 metres. It has a focal length of 35mm and a very useful aperture range of f/2.8 to f/22. Aperture priority is an included feature, enabling you to choose the aperture setting of the lens while letting the camera choose the best shutter speed for optimal overall exposure. Aperture priority is also useful for gaining control of 'depth of field', such as when you want a sharp foreground subject contrasted against a background that is pleasingly out of focus.

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