Revamp Your Style with a Stylish Omega Railmaster Watch

Omega Railmaster watches boast a mix of quality, practicability, and style. They come in vintage and luxury designs that appeal to different personalities. eBay stocks a variety of second-hand and brand new Omega watches that are available with different styles and features. Find your Omega style.

What are the characteristics of the watch?

The Omega Railmaster has several features as follows:

  • The outer cover is made of stainless steel.
  • It has a 39 mm face with a variety of colours, including beige, grey, white, blue, and black.
  • Its straps are made brushed steel, leather, nylon, or denim.
  • There is a choice of water-resistant or non-water-resistant watches.

Omega Railmaster watches have been in production for a long time with improvements being made with successive models. Therefore, the availability of certain features depends on the model and its date of manufacture. Check the manufacturer's website for additional details about the specifications of any model that you would like to purchase.

What mechanism does the watch use to work?

The watch uses a master co-axial chronometer. The mechanism ensures that your watch keeps time constantly as the chronometer runs continuously without stopping. The chronometer is resistant to magnetic fields at varying levels. In addition, it is self-winding in both directions, with some models featuring a rhodium-plated rotor.

Can the watch work outside without damage in harsh weather?

Yes. The watch can work in your normal daily routine without the risk of damage from high levels of humidity or dust. Its stainless steel cover and the glass on its face ensure that no element gets into the watch. The watch is also scratch-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in workshop environments. Additionally, it comes with anti-reflective treatment on both sides to prevent glare in the sunshine. If you plan to wear your Omega Railmaster in water, it is worth checking whether it is water resistant and the maximum depth of water resistance it can handle.

How do you take care of the watch?

Always rinse your water-resistant watch in fresh water if it comes into contact with salt water. The reason for this is that salt residue may damage the steel surfaces of your watch. If you are going to use the watch regularly in water, have the watch checked for water resistance at least once every year. In addition, only use professional repair services in case of a malfunction. Please refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions for details on handling your watch.

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