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Tradition Meets Style in the Omega Seamaster Midsize Quartz Watch

The Omega Seamaster is one of Omega's iconic watches and has been in production since 1948. The watch is primarily designed for use by professional divers and can resist water pressure up to depths of 1200 metres. You can find a wide range of Omega Seamaster Midsize Quartz watches on eBay in both new and used condition.

Is the Omega Seamaster an automatic watch?

Yes, the watch comes with Omega's patented master co-axial automatic movement. The accurate movement has a long power reserve and doesn't require any battery replacements during the watch's lifetime. The Seamaster range also includes watch models that work with a battery-powered movement. These models are ideal for users who are looking for a less complicated movement and they are generally priced lower than the automatic movement models.

Why does the Omega Seamaster have a helium release valve?

Since the watch has been designed especially for use by professional divers who work underwater for prolonged periods of time, it is susceptible to damage by the build-up of helium gasses. The watch features a built-in helium release valve that safely releases the built-up gas before it can cause any damage. The mechanism operates automatically and doesn't require any input from the user to activate.

Is the Omega Seamaster Midsize Quartz watch available in different colours?

Yes, the Seamaster can be found in a variety of finishes. Details like the wristband, clasp, dial, and bezel can be customised to suit your particular taste. The watch case is also available in stainless steel or rose gold finish and comes in different sizes.

Can you give an Omega Seamaster to someone as a gift?

Yes, the Omega Seamaster is a great gift idea for an important person in your life. The elegant design of the watch compliments any outfit and it can be worn to many events and occasions. An Omega Seamaster might be the perfect gift for a significant anniversary or another special occasion.

How should you choose the right Omega Seamaster watch for you?

The Omega Seamaster range includes a wide variety of models and choosing the right one can be tricky. Keeping these things in mind when choosing can be helpful:

  • Case size: The Seamaster range has a few different case sizes. Choose a size that works comfortably for you.
  • Mechanism: You can choose from either an automatic or manual mechanism.
  • Design: Choose a colour that works best for you and makes you feel confident.
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