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Beautify Your Garden by Sowing Ornamental Grass Seeds

Well-placed ornamental grass plants in your flowering garden never fail to impress. They look great, and there are many species that will grow well from seed to full flowering grass plant in the British climate. Check out eBay’s ornamental grass seed listings to see the many beautiful species available.

When to sow ornamental grass seeds

When you buy ornamental grass seeds, specific instructions will be supplied regarding the best time to sow the seeds for that particular grass plant. For most grasses, though, wait until early spring when all traces of winter frost have gone and the soil begins to warm before sowing the seeds. You can also grow the plants indoors and then transplant them to your garden around a month or two later.

How often should ornamental grass plants be watered?

For grass plants to grow with strength and vitality, you should give them lots of water during their first season to ensure strong root growth. Less water is required in subsequent seasons.

Popular species of ornamental grass

There are many ornamental grass species that are popular due to their attractive appearance, and because they’re easy to grow and care for. Seeds for these species and many others are easy to obtain and result in attractive ornamental grass plants including:

  • Pampas grass: Native to South America, pampas grass plants (Cortaderia selloana) with their fluffy head plumes make a striking contribution to your garden design.
  • Feathery eragrostis: Native to Africa, feathery eragrostis (Eragrostis amibila) is a drought-tolerant grass plant.
  • Hare's-Tail: Hare’s-tail (Lagurus ovatus) is an annual grass plant of Mediterranean origin. Its oval, green flowerheads gradually change to a buff yellow throughout its growing cycle.
  • Blue fescue: This is an evergreen, European grass plant that adds subtle blue highlights to your garden landscape. It’s a hardy plant but should be placed in the sunniest part of your garden that has moist soil and that receives the most sunlight.
  • Palm grass: Native to many parts of Asia, palm grass (Setaria palmifolia) is a tall grass plant that is grown for its attractive palm-shaped blades.
  • Sweet Grass: A fragrant ornamental grass plant with attractive green spikelets, sweet grass (Hierochloe odorata) grows to around a foot in height.
How long can ornamental grass seeds be stored before planting?

Ornamental grass seeds can remain in good condition for at least a couple of years. Keep them stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place until you're ready to plant them.

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