Common Questions About Mobile GPS Accessories

Since mobile GPS devices are easy to use and very helpful for commuting to work or for the frequent traveller, it's important to keep them in top shape and have the accessories you need to keep it running properly. eBay is a great place to get accessories for your mobile GPS like chargers, skins, mounts, and more. When you shop at eBay for your mobile GPS, you'll find exactly what you need at a reasonable price. 

What mobile GPS accessories are available?  

At eBay, you'll find a wide selection of accessories for your mobile GPS device, tracker GPS car vehicle tracking device, or mobile phone at the right prices. There are items there from reputable brands like BMW, Garmin, TomTom, and more. Some items like cases or skins can provide you with colour options like black, blue, gold, white, and yellow, so you can match them to your vehicle's interior. They are available as brand-new items or as pre-owned items, often at a reduced price, with details provided on the listing. There are device mounts, car chargers, data cables, GPS device carry cases and more. At eBay, finding the accessory you need couldn't be easier. 

What types of mobile GPS mounts are available?  

If you want to mount your GPS device or tracker GPS car vehicle tracking device in your car, or your mobile phone, there are several types of mounts available for you to choose from at eBay:  

  • Suction cup mounts: These mounts are easy to install, holds your device securely, and many also offer adjustable, arms or pieces so you can move it closer to you or farther away. There also mounts offering adjustable bases that also give you position options, so you can place your mobile device in a particular location in your vehicle and in a particular position for great customisation.
  • Magnetic mounts: Magnetic mounts customarily latch on to one of the air vents in your car, neatly gripping the back of your device and holding it in place without the use of adhesives, clamps, or cables. In the case of phones with metal backs or backplates, it works very well out of the box. Many of these also include metal backplates that can be placed between your phone and its case that are really thin so as not to be noticeable. Designed to sit firmly in any air vent, the mounts often have both narrow and wide vent clips which make them easy to use and to move around if necessary.
  • CD slot mounts: These mounts use your CD slots to provide mobile device mounting, and you can even play CD's while using the device. Some of these can mount up to two devices. The positioning at the CD slot puts in a great place to be viewable by both the driver and front passenger.
  • Versatile mounts: Some mounts give you more than one option for how to install and use it. Some mounts allow you to attach by either a suction cup or magnetic mounts for great flexibility and convenience.
  • Dashboard mounts: There are mounts specifically for the dashboard that don't hinder your view, do no damage to your vehicle and allow you to adjust viewing angles for great convenience.

Why should you use screen protectors for your GPS device?  

Not only do screen protectors keep your device's screen from being scratched or stained, they often include anti-glare properties which can be invaluable in certain daytime conditions when the sun is at its brightest and angled behind you in the direction you're heading. With anti-glare properties, your eyes and your device are protected from UV rays.