Other Equestrian Clothing & Accessories

Other Equestrian Equipment

Whether you are looking for reflective tape for horse boxes, isolator switches for your electric fences or clippers and trimmers for grooming, you can find all that you need and more with other equestrian equipment.


Need to revamp your horse fence? There are many options of equestrian equipment that you can choose from depending on your individual requirements. Choose electric fencing wire , ideal for kitting out horses fields as it is strong, durable and weatherproof. You can also find screw top insulators for use with poly tape too.


If you need electric fence tape, you can find a range of products to suit. Most electric fence tape comes in 200 metres rolls which can be used on any field. Most equestrian fencing tape is designed for the demands of modern horse husbandry and is made from high quality materials that are built to last. Typically, you can expect to have a breaking strain of 90 kilograms, but it is always worth checking this specification before you buy. You can also expect that most fencing tapes will be UV resistant as well as weatherproof in addition.

Battery energiser

Choose from a range of equestrian equipment options such as a battery energiser to incorporate into your fencing requirements. These tend to be dirt and dust proof, as well as weather proof, and uses pulse technology to extend the life of the battery. It also has a low battery indicator which gives a warning so that your horses are never left unprotected. You can also expect to have built in lightning protection as well.

Fence posts

You can also find individual or multiple electric fence posts for your equestrian equipment, so whether you need to replace one or more electric fence posts, you can achieve this with ease. Many types of electric fence posts are self insulating and are easily installed with clip points for electric fence tape or wires. They come in a variety of colours, so why not consider a bright colour like pink or red to stand out on those long winter nights.

For beginners

Starting from scratch with regards to your other equestrian equipment? You can find packages such as an electric fence starter kit which typically include everything you need to kit out your horses space such as fencing posts, electric fencing, a portable fence charger , suitable for paddocks. You can also expect to receive gate handles and insulator packs too.