Other Garden Ornaments

When it comes to adding the wow factor to your garden or jazzing up what was previously something of a blank canvas, there are many other garden ornaments available, aside from the well-known garden gnome or the pretty plant pot.

With so many themes and types of garden ornaments available it is easy to create an entirely bespoke looking outdoor area for you to enjoy, whether you have a large garden or a small yard.

Types of garden ornaments

  • Wall mounted decorations - Not all garden ornaments and decorations need to be placed on the ground, some can be attached to the wall. If you have a blank wall on your house or your shed you could affix butterflies, gargoyles, birds, decorative bird houses, colourful insects and more
  • Solar powered lights - Twinkling lights in your garden, lit up fairy houses, moveable solar powered lamps which mark a pond edge or pathway and more all offer practical lighting as well as an attractive decorative touch. While some garden lights might run on battery or via the mains, solar powered lights are by far the cheapest and easiest decorative lights to maintain.
  • Wind chimes - Wind chimes are very popular for decorating your garden, as they are attractive and produce a delicate, yet attractive sound. Place them slightly away from your house and away from the wall because the sound will become less pleasant in higher winds. Hung from a tree, wind chimes are the perfect way to personalise your garden
  • Back to nature - Incorporate wooden buckets as planters, wicker or woven sculptures and even replica stone or wooden wells in your garden for a decorative yet natural look. This is great if you prefer your colour to come from leaves and flowers rather than other garden ornaments.

With so many other garden decorations to choose from, enjoy putting together a truly individual-looking garden.