Other Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar and bass effects pedals are used to change the sound of the signal your guitarproduces. There are a huge number of different effects pedals available that all produce different sounds and tones.

Some effects affect the sound of your guitar or bass very little and are used only to create fine adjustments and add colour to your sound.

Other effects will heavily alter the signal from your instrument and create a completely different sounding result.

Guitar pedals are designed in the form of stompboxes cased in a box-like chassis designed to be put on the floor or on a pedal board and turned on and off with the player’s feet.

Some examples of other popular effects include:


  • Blends the instrument signal with a slightly delayed one with pitch modulation
  • Creates a shimmering effect


  • Like an even more heavily pushed distortion sound
  • Unnatural sounding but enjoyed by many players
  • Create a warm, saturated fuzzy tone


  • Blends the instrument signal with another one delayed by progressively changing speeds
  • Creates a swooshing effect


  • Filters the signal and creates boosts and cuts in the frequency spectrum
  • Creates a sweeping effect


  • Used to boost and cut specific frequencies
  • Useful for making small refinements to perfect your tone


  • Used to record and playback your playing on a loop
  • Useful for building up layers
  • Different loopershave varying maximum amounts of record time
  • Ideal for bands with only one guitar player that need two guitar parts simultaneously

Multi effects pedals

  • Multiple effects all built into one effects pedal
  • Often a much more affordable alternative to individually buying all the pedals you want
  • Allow you to save your favourite settings as presets – easy to recall and navigate settings
  • Due to the affordability of many multi effects pedals the quality of the effects is often not as high as individual pedals costing the same
  • Ideal for players on a budget or who use a lot of effects but don’t want a huge pedalboard