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Frequently Asked Questions About Other Integrated Circuits

Whether you’re repairing a gaming console or building your own electronic systems, integrated circuits are likely to come into play. These tiny components perform critical functions in devices ranging from calculators to computers. The trick is to find the type of IC that’s right for your application.

Types of affordable integrated circuits

When you’re IC shopping on eBay for used or new products, some of the types you can buy are:

  • 555 timer chip: These circuits provide timing functions for electronic devices; in other words, they activate different systems for a specific length of time. Usually, they’re engineered for precision, so you can use them for intervals that are less than one second or as long as multiple hours.
  • Voltage regulator: This type of integrated circuit keeps a system running at a specific voltage level. Voltage regulators are used in a wide range of applications, including vehicle alternators and power banks. Make sure to choose the device that matches your voltage, whether that’s DC and AC.
  • Temperature sensor: This sensor is a simple circuit that monitors the heat levels. When the heat gets higher than the set level, the sensor activates a function, such as a buzzer or a lighted indicator.
  • Logic gate: A logic gate is a circuit that has multiple inputs and a single output. Different voltages flow into the inputs; based on those inputs, the circuit decides whether or not to allow the voltage to flow through the output.
Factors to consider when choosing an integrated circuit

As you’re looking at different ICs, consider these factors:

  • Purpose: Select ICs that compare inputs to choose from multiple outputs, switch operations, amplify audio, and more.
  • Memory: Choose integrated circuits with enough internal memory to suit your electronic project.
  • Inputs and outputs: ICs come with a wide range of input and output options. It’s important to choose the correct number, particularly when you’re building a complex system.
What brands make integrated circuits?

Companies that make integrated circuits include:

  • Texas Instruments: This company makes a huge range of electronic technologies and components, from the tiniest circuit to massive finished products. Look to their products when you need device-specific circuits or versatile ICs.
  • STMicroelectronics: STMicroelectronics specializes in electronic components for smart devices, such as LED lighting systems and personal devices.
  • National Semiconductor: This brand made analog circuits. It was acquired by Texas Instruments in 2011, but you can still find older ICs on eBay.
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