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Other phones

For collectors, enthusiasts and the curious, other phones is a category that encompasses a selection of vintage, traditional and modern telephony devices. Providing a fascinating window into the emergence and development of telephone communications technology, this phone range covers many eras and genres.

Earliest phones

The invention of the modern telephone can be traced back to the patent secured by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Most familiar, and highly collectable, are candlestick telephones , which consist of three parts, the receiver that hung on a cradle, the candlestick or stalk with a microphone on top and a separate box for the ringer. Today both retro copies and original versions are available.

Dial and trim phones

Emerging in the early part of the 20th century, dial phones are so far the longest lasting telephone design, only being replaced with touch tone technology in the 1960s and trim phones in the 1970s. These telephones consist of a receiver that rests on a cradle directly on top of the transmitter unit and bell housing. Dial phones and trim phones are available to collect and can even remodified to work on the modern telephony system.

Satellite phones

First used by ships in distress at sea, satellite phones are still used today to connect those who are in places far away from landline or mobile networks. Satellite phones are expensive but there are pre-owned and refurbished as well as new models available.

Telephone technology

Telephone technology has advanced immeasurably over the last few decades. The first mobile phone call was demonstrated to the public in the 1970s and signalled the introduction of portable digital devices, more commonly known today as brick phones. These are highly prized and make for a great collectable telephone .


Today, telephones come in many advanced technology guises including feature phones, smartphones and corded and wireless home and office phones.


Whilst not strictly a telephone, other phones include a wide selection of one way, two way, numeric and alphanumeric pagers. Dating back to the 1950s, pagers are still used today in critical and emergency situations and are the preferred communications device of many public safety agencies.

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