Other Seasonal Decorations

Other Christmas decorations for the festive season

Theres more to decorating at Christmas than just putting the star on top of the tree. There are many other Christmas decorations that can add to the festive feel of a home. Perennial favourites of tinsel and baubles can be complemented by little robin birds that tie onto the tree, perfect for a real wood tree. 

Artificial snow artfully arranged around the base of the tree will help enhance the illusion of a real outdoor tree in the home. There are many different types of fluffy artificial snow and magic ice available, some are single use only while others are reusable so the effect can be created year after year, so there are types of snow to suit every Christmas scene. 

Christmas crafts

Christmas craft kits are perfect for adding a touch of festive DIY charm to your home. Some feature snowflakes made out of beads and glass pens that allow a snowy scene to be drawn directly onto a window to mimic the look of a white Christmas. Polystyrene balls can be used to make baubles for Christmas trees or can be hung individually from the ceiling to create a luxe effect. Metallic silver, gold or sequin ribbons are perfect for making festive table runners and chair tie backs to ensure the big Christmas dinner looks super smart. 

Novelty decorations

For many people, novelty decorations are the ideal way to inject a bit of fun into the holiday season. Novelty Christmas toilet seat covers are a very simple way to spread festive cheer into the smallest room in the house with very little effort. 

Colour changing outdoor light bulbs and string sets are an easy way to make the outside of any building, or a garden, look merry and bright. Battery or solar powered lights mean that lights can even be placed away from the house without worrying about where to plug them in, and are very easy to move if needed.