Other Vintage Fishing Equipment

Other Vintage Fishing

There is a varied range of fishing tools and paraphernalia available for fishing enthusiasts and collectors alike. These days, certain items of fishing kit are now collectors items. There is an array of other vintage fishing items available, some of which can be used and some of which are merely ornamental or objects of curiosity.

Fishing equipment

Triangular landing nets are a popular item, and boast a classic look whilst still being of practical use. Of particular interest to collectors are complete sets of vintage fishing floats . Some sets are entire and are presented with each float still carefully positioned in the original wooden case. One example is the Harcork fishing float collection, which holds the original 260 floats in place in a traditional wooden case. Among the floats are day glow floats, porcupine quills and toby ale floats.

Other vintage fishing items

Rod cases and seat boxes are also popular, for a traditional look that still offers potential for usage today. Leather cast wallets have become a collectors item, despite their occasional distressed ageing. Their leather covers age well and many fishing enthusiasts enjoy collecting these items as objects of interest even if they are no longer used.

Original materials

Vintage fishing tools and accessories are prized for their traditional and classic looks. With polished wood, wicker and brass, vintage fishing items are much in demand from the modern fisher.

The vintage Brady Conway Creel Bag is made of attractive, natural and man-made materials which are prized for their good looks. For example, the combination of real wood, brass and wicker has an ageless look that is still in demand despite more modern versions flooding the market.


Many vintage fishing accessories are hardwearing and durable. Canvas fishing seating boxes and canvas fly fishing bags are still popular despite previous use and their age is proof of their durability.