Other Watches

Other Watches

Other watches are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit any occasion. Some other watches are specially designed for practical and functional use.

Different types of other watches

Luxury wristwatches usually feature a distinctive statement design. Many styles are decorated with a diamond or crystal encrusted bezel, two-tone colour strap or contrasting dial and an conic logo detail is also evident.

Nurse watches that have a classic fob pocket watch style are typically made from durable stainless steel. The traditional design features a rectangular clip or pin, with flexible chain strap and small, round and compact watch case, with fixed bezel. The inverted design allows for easy timekeeping on the go.

Vintage style watches typically include classic mens dress watches, with a minimalist design, and ladies 9K gold wristwatches with decorative chain link bracelet.

Unusual watches include ring watches and brooch watches. The 14K gold Swiss brooch watch is a rare and vintage piece that is elaborately embellished with sweeping curves that wrap around the small clock face. Modern ring watches typically have a square dial with expandable band for comfort and easy wear.

Mechanical stopwatches are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Choose from elegant mechanical pocket watches with enamel detail, retro and original stopwatches with lanyard case,and modern hand winding mechanism stopwatches.

Different styles of ladies and gents other watches

Stylish and elegant ladies dress style watches typically feature a decorative bezel, chronograph details, and classic link bracelet strap. Many vintage and modern designs of other watches are plated in yellow gold.

Modern mens watches usually boast a fixed bezel and leather or link bracelet strap. Yellow gold plating is a popular design feature of the formal dress watches.

Material variations of other watches

Durable and hardwearing stainless steel is the base material for all practical nurse style fob watches.

Practical and functional stopwatches are designed specially for timing. Some vintage styles have a chromium plated metal case with plastic bezel and details. The simple design allows for easy one hand control. The stopwatches measure time intervals in minutes, seconds and fractions of a second.

Classic enamel is a popular material choice of vintage pocket watches. Many elegant designs feature a round enamel dial, a chrome plated case and mineral glass cover.

Polished yellow gold plated stainless steel is a timeless feature that is mostly reserved for classic dress watches.