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Keep Your Patio Clear with a Patio Table Cover

Stylish patio table covers protect your outdoor tables from hazards such as weather and pollen by serving as a barrier. Covers come in multiple shapes and sizes to meet your individual needs. In addition, there are a variety of different colours and styles on eBay so that you can create the outdoor setting that you most desire.

What types of shapes and sizes are available?

Your patio may have tables that are square, rectangular, or circular. Different patio table covers can accommodate all of these shapes. Different sizes are available for each of the different shapes as well. When buying a patio table cover, be sure that you are purchasing a cover that is appropriate for the shape of table that you have. Circular covers are measured on a basis of diameter while rectangular and square covers are measured by length and width. Buying an incorrectly shaped cover can cause an uneven cover for your table where the edges of the cover reach off the table at different lengths.

Are these products waterproof?

Several of the patio table covers available on eBay are in fact waterproof. Waterproofing is especially useful in instances where the table is made of a material that can be easily damaged by water. The thickness of the covers varies with some offering additional protection against other weather hazards such as wind, snow, and dirt. Prior to purchase, you should evaluate what types of hazards your patio is susceptible to and purchase accordingly.

How are covers secured to tables?

The patio table covers available have several different securing mechanisms depending on the product. Some of the covers have holes on their edges so that they can be tied to the legs of the table that they support. Others lay flatly over the table and feature designs that are resistant to being lifted by environmental factors such as wind. In addition, there are covers that are designed to be secured over the underside of the table as well as the topside to prevent slipping.

What are some of the colours available?

An array of colours are available to suit your taste. In addition to single-coloured options, there are some products that make use of multiple colours. These products may feature different colours for the parts that cover the table's topside and the parts that hang over the edges. Some of the different colours featured are the following:

  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Green
  • Grey
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