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Important Things to Know Before Purchasing Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen machines are versatile and can be used at home, in your car, or on the road. They are good for anyone who needs pure oxygen, such as pregnant women, students, tired workers and mountain climbers. eBay has a wide selection of oxygen concentrators available to fit your needs.

What are the types of oxygen concentrators?

Oxygen generators can be either portable or stationary. Stationary oxygen compressors deliver a large amount of oxygen continuously. Portable oxygen machines are available in two types: continuous flow or pulse flow. These types are designed for a specific patient or user and have different benefits and limitations. If you are under the care of a medical professional, they will determine the type you need; otherwise, it will be based on your personal preference. Features include:

  • Continuous flow: Delivers a constant flow of oxygen but is not as common on portable devices. Good for people who need at least two litres of continuous oxygen per minute.
  • Pulse flow: Can typically deliver between 450 and 1250 millilitres per minute of intermittent oxygen. For people who need less than two litres of oxygen per minute.
  • Stationary generator: These machines are larger and can deliver up to six litres of oxygen per minute.
Does an oxygen concentrator require a prescription?

An oxygen machine does require a prescription from a medical professional stating your oxygen levels and supply requirements. You will also have to sign a home oxygen consent form (HOCF). You also have to give permission for your medical and contact information in the form to be shared with the oxygen supplier.

What should you look for when buying an oxygen concentrator?

When buying an oxygen concentrator you should pay close attention to features such as battery life, flow type, capacity, size, weight, warranty, and aeroplane approved. The most important features for most people will be the capacity and flow type. If you plan on flying on aeroplanes, having a machine that is approved by the government as aeroplane safe is also important.

How long do portable oxygen concentrators last?

How long an oxygen machine will last will depend on a variety of factors such as brand, type, and care and maintenance. The average lifespan of an oxygen concentrator is 800-1500 hours of use. An oxygen generator should not be used once the oxygen purity level falls below 80%.

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