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PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Home Security Cameras

Protecting your home will always be high up on your priority list and with the help of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) home security cameras, it can be easier than ever. If peace of mind is what you're after, you can call on the help of recording technology whether it's to deter risk or to gather evidence. There are a wide range of security cameras to suit a range of different situations.

Types of home security camera

CCTV cameras are fixed to the exterior of your home are are designed to keep an overall watchful eye on your areas of interest. An observation of what they record will be shown on a monitor somewhere in the house and they are generally useful from a surveillance point of view.

A digital video recorder records video and audio media straight onto a memory device which could be a USB, memory card or other storage holder. This option is ideal for those who are looking for a level of protection, but don't necessarily need to be monitoring it in real-time. This footage can be looked back over once it has finished recording and so can be used for investigative purposes.

Spy camera's are the most discreet option available. Again, they are designed to capture footage that can be saved and watched back at a later time, but as the name suggests they are intended to be discreet and so can be positioned in a range of places to capture areas of interest.

Dummy security cameras are an increasingly popular option from those who want to give the impression of a home security system, without the technical set-up of one. These camera models don't actually function, apart from perhaps some lighting, and so they are designed purely to be attached to the exterior of a house and give the impression of a surveillance system.

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