Package Holidays

Booking the perfect holiday can take a bit of time and research. Having a good idea of what you want from your holiday is the best place to start. This can include any type of activity you want to indulge in, along with a budget. You'll also need to think about location. Although you may have loose requirements, like going to a sunny beach for instance, some areas might not be for you. Perhaps because you want to limit the travel time with a small child for example. Some package deals will be aimed at specific demographics. There will be packages aimed at families, younger people and those who are retired.

Full board and all-inclusive

Although they usually cost more at the time of booking, all-inclusive and full board holidays can free up your holiday spends once you arrive. Plus, you can be safe in the knowledge that most, if not all of your needs are catered for. Some examples of the types of holidays you can find include trips to Disneyland, full-board getaways in Spain, and 2-weeks in Cuba for all the family.

Half board

Perfect if you'd like some of the meals supplied, but you'd still like to explore the local cuisine and restaurants, half board strikes the middle ground. You might even find that a specific meal is part of the offer if the trip is themed around a big event. For example, typical holidays include Christmas ski chalets with Christmas dinner in with the price. Other examples range from half board in the Costa Brava, New Year in Morzine and a trip to the famous Halong Bay in Vietnam.


For total freedom and choice, self-catering holidays are the best option. You'll often find the accommodation is cheaper because meals aren't included and it will give you that added incentive to go out and see what the area has to offer.

Types of trips under this category range from holidays in Rome, 2-weeks in Tenerife and luxury ski cabins in Norway