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Packard Bell Desktop and All-in-One PCs

Packard Bell desktop and All-in-One PCs come with a large variety of different components and accessories which make them suitable for different tasks. Packard Bell have been producing computers for years, so you know you can trust on their expertise.

Desktops and All-in-One PCs

A desktop is what you would usually recognise as a traditional home computer. Consisting of a 'tower' which refers to the case that houses the internal bits and pieces. These will require a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse.

An All-in-One, as the name suggests, is everything you need for a fully functioning computer in one unit. Most modern All-in-Ones will come complete with a touchscreen, though for convenient use you will still need an external keyboard and mouse.

Advantages of an All-in-One PC

An All-in-One PC saves a lot of space that can otherwise be used for other things and looks tidier due to a general lack of wires. This lack of wires also means that they are incredibly easy to set up, just get them out of the box, plug them in and turn them on. In some ways, this is where most computer technology is heading. They are becoming more powerful and versatile with each new release.

Advantages of a Desktop

Desktops take up a lot of space, but that means they have a lot of space to use. A desktop tower has space for lots of powerful components and can be easily upgraded with newer components as and when necessary. All-in-One PCs can only fit so much into the back of their monitors, meaning that their raw power is significantly reduced. Desktops, on the other hand, can crank up as much power as you put in. This means that desktops are the only realistic choice between the two for gamers and those using processor intensive software.

The ability to customise a desktop means we are not going to see them phased out any time soon. A large number of demographics prefer desktops to AIOs and laptops.

Desktops come as 'towers' which essentially refers to the case. Packard Bell has ranges of Micro Towers and Mini Towers, which are small

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