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Packard Bell Laptop Batteries

Packard Bell are one of the world's leading manufacturers of laptops and desktop computers . There are Packard Bell laptop batteries to be found for a variety of models within the range of Packard Bell mobile computing devices, including newer laptops and older netbook computers.

When to replace your laptop battery

Laptop batteries become less effective at holding their charge over time. The more they are used the more their total capacity lessens. This could prove bad news if you find yourself without a charger and your battery may not last more than a few minutes.

You should replace your battery if you find that it cannot last more than 1-2 hours before requiring recharging where it used to last at least twice as long.

Replace your battery if it has been charged more than approximately 300 times and/or if you have had your battery longer than three or four years.

Benefits of Packard Bell laptop batteries

It's important your Packard Bell laptops use the right type of battery and one that is powerful enough to hold the charge for over a long period so that you can work wirelessly for hours before you need to recharge.

Packard Bell laptops feature industry standard lithium Ion batteries. These are fully rechargeable and are typically available with 6 cells, 9 cells and 12 cells, whilst battery capacities range from the lower end 2200mAh to the high capacity 7200mAH. Choosing the right capacity will vary depending on your laptop's specification. Generally, the more powerful your laptop the higher capacity you should go for. Packard Bell laptop batteries also feature overheat protection, overload protection and are also short circuit proof.

Before installing your new battery, it is recommended that you fully charge it first. You should ensure your laptop is completely turned off before fitting the new battery. Once you have done this, take out the old battery and clip in the new one and then connect your laptop's charger. After the battery has completely charged, take out the laptop's charger then also remove the new battery for a moment and clip it back in. Once this has been done you can use your laptop as normal.

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